EasyInstall version 5.4 släpps ….

EasyInstall version 5.4

  • PXE boot over HTTP (much faster).
  • Dynamic Computer and Device groups.
  • Computer services inventory.
  • Improved agent setup creator.
  • New package requirement, only install when user not logged on.
  • Display of application compliant computers and not compliant computers.
  • Improved configuration of package replication.
  • Improved package creation.
  • New package detection rule, file version.
  • Added quick redeploy in computer right click content menu.
  • Printer connection based on tcp/ip subnet.
  • Installed applications view per computer group.
  • Support for automation scripts, Delete Computer, Delete Package, Reports and Backup.
  • Added integration between EasyInstall Administrator and EasyPacks.
  • Experiential support for WinPE 802.1x