Proactive Update increases security and prevents exploits, ransomware and other threats.

Free from all the hassle of keeping track of updated applications, creating and maintaining distribution packages.

With EasyInstall 3rd party applications online updater, more than 5,000 Windows applications can always be easily and automatically kept up to date.

Keeping 3rd party applications up to date is critical for several reasons, especially from a functional and security perspective.

Here are some of the main reasons:

Closing Security Holes: Software developers regularly release updates that fix known security vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability is known to the public, it becomes a target for hackers as they can exploit that vulnerability to compromise systems running the affected software.

Improved protection: Newer versions of software may have improved security features or protocols that provide better protection against threats.

New Features: Updates may include new features that improve the user experience or extend the capabilities of the Application.

Performance improvements: New updates may include code optimizations that make the software faster or more efficient.

Bug fixes: All software has bugs, and updates often fix known bugs that can prevent the software from working properly.

Operating System Updates: When operating systems are updated, 3rd party applications may need to be updated to ensure they continue to function smoothly.

Integration with other software: Updated applications may offer better integration with other tools or platforms your organization may use.

For companies and organizations in certain sectors, it may be legally or regulatory required to keep software updated to comply with certain standards or regulations.

Manufacturers may stop supporting older versions of software. This means that if you encounter a problem, it may be more difficult to find help or resources to resolve it.

Newer versions are likely to have better and more up-to-date documentation, tutorials, and community support.

Third-party software is software developed by a company or individual other than the original software manufacturer that uses or distributes the software.

This means that the software is not part of the original operating system or program and is installed as a separate application.

The companies’ risk of being hacked has increased dramatically over recent years.

Hackers’ interest in smaller companies in particular has increased enormously – and, according to SMV-Danmark, you have to remember that if something has value for the company, it also has value for a hacker.

All industries can be affected.

Swedish companies are particularly vulnerable because Sweden is the country in the EU where the most small companies have digitized their work processes.

The high degree of digitization among companies opens up more entrances that hackers can use if you do not protect yourself sufficiently.


Neglecting to update 3rd party applications can expose organizations to unnecessary risks, compromise system integrity and functionality, and can even lead to costly interventions to remediate security breaches or system crashes. It is therefore crucial to always be aware of and implement relevant software updates.

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